Creating Stunning Living Spaces: 8 Exceptional New Living Rooms

Living rooms are the heart of our homes, serving as spaces for relaxation, entertainment, and creating memories with loved ones. When it comes to crafting a living room that truly stands out, interior designers play a pivotal role. In this article, we explore 8 Exceptional New Living Rooms designed by experts who have mastered the art of creating inviting, stylish, and functional living spaces.


1. Radhika Vydianathan’s French Country Elegance

How to arrange a living room for a space that flows

  • Designer: Radhika Vydianathan of Kalaa Chakra Interiors
  • Size: 400 square feet
  • Homeowners’ Request: A casual living space with a French country aesthetic.
  • Special Features: A sectional sofa with swivel chairs, a rustic coffee table, and a custom-built seat near the fireplace.
  • Focal Point: An asymmetrical arrangement with an armoire and built-in seating, featuring a contemporary fireplace.

Radhika Vydianathan’s tip: "Play with warm and cool tones to elevate the look and feel for a space."

2. Julie Cavanaugh’s Monochromatic Serenity

Design Matters: Julie Cavanaugh brings Livable Luxury to Mountain Living -  The Scout Guide

  • Designer: Julie Cavanaugh of Design Matters
  • Location: Los Altos Hills, California
  • Size: 432 square feet
  • Homeowners’ Request: Unify a challenging room layout.
  • Special Features: Monochromatic neutral shades with a pop of wood color, engineered white oak flooring.
  • Focal Point: An adobe-style fireplace painted in White Dove by Benjamin Moore.

Julie Cavanaugh’s tip: "Nail the furniture plan before considering the lighting design."

3. Noelle Ebright’s Batchelder Tile Beauty

  • Designer: Noelle Ebright of Ebright Design
  • Size: 117 square feet
  • Homeowners’ Request: Unify a room divided by the front door.
  • Special Features: Inspired by Batchelder tile fireplace, balanced textural neutrals with pops of color.
  • Focal Point: The Batchelder fireplace and an alternative focal point with a piano.

Noelle Ebright’s tip: "Nail the furniture plan before considering the lighting design."

4. Mary Slattery’s Practical Elegance

What are liveable interiors and how to create a space that is you - Marina  Slattery

  • Designer: Mary Slattery of EdenBliss Interiors
  • Size: 231 square feet
  • Homeowners’ Request: A practical and livable layout for hosting family and vacation rental guests.
  • Special Features: Durable performance-based fabrics, engineered white oak flooring.
  • Focal Point: Highlighting the fireplace as the centerpiece with flexible seating.

Mary Slattery’s tip: "Select furniture and design a layout suitable for the space."

5. Miranda Cullen’s Symmetrical Harmony

  • Designer: Miranda Cullen of Inside Stories
  • Size: 600 square feet
  • Homeowners’ Request: Create a cohesive style in an open floor plan.
  • Special Features: Grounded in blue, gray, and black with vibrant blue statement pieces.
  • Focal Point: Phillip Jeffries wallpaper as the wow element.

Miranda Cullen’s tip: "Choosing a beautiful wallpaper and furniture can make spaces special and exciting."

6. Staffan Svenson’s Outdoor Oasis

  • Designer: Staffan Svenson of Svendesign Studio
  • Size: 400 square feet
  • Homeowners’ Request: Seamlessly bring the outside in with natural light.
  • Special Features: 16-inch-wide black bricks, windows with leafy views.
  • Focal Point: A conversation area near the fireplace with an eye-catching view.

Staffan Svenson’s tip: "Decide the brick specification early in the process when working with interior brick."

7. Jeni Gamble’s Open and Airy Design

Design Sponge visit of Candis Cayne home — gamble + design

  • Designer: Jeni Gamble of Gamble + Design
  • Size: 168 square feet
  • Homeowner’s Request: Create one large, open living area.
  • Special Features: A light and warm palette, vintage finds.
  • Focal Point: Furniture layout for seamless conversations around the existing fireplace.

Jeni Gamble’s tip: "Ensure clear pathway clearances in larger rooms to maintain comfort and intimacy."

8. Katherine and Richard Wells’ Contemporary Tranquility

8 Exceptional New Living Rooms

  • Designer: Katherine and Richard Wells of Wells Studio Architecture & Interiors
  • Size: 263 square feet
  • Homeowners’ Request: Infuse personality, color, and style into an open floor plan.
  • Special Features: A blue color palette, Phillip Jeffries wallpaper, and vibrant statement pieces.
  • Focal Point: The wow factor – Coffered Wood wallpaper.

Katherine and Richard Wells’ tip: "Budget-conscious? Opt for beautiful wallpaper, art pieces, wall lighting, and furniture to create excitement."

When crafting your own exceptional living room, remember to consider the unique features and layout of your space. These designers have shown us that creativity, attention to detail, and a touch of personality can transform any living area into something truly exceptional. Whether it’s through color, layout, or special features, these living rooms offer inspiration for your next interior design project.

So, if you’re seeking inspiration for your 8 Exceptional New Living Room, look no further than the incredible designs created by these talented professionals. Whether you prefer a cozy, rustic ambiance or a contemporary, vibrant atmosphere, there’s a living room here that will surely capture your imagination.

Discover More Living Room Design Inspiration

What will living rooms look like in 2022?

In the realm of living rooms in 2022, we are witnessing a vibrant transformation. Fresh colors and patterns are stepping into the limelight, showcasing trendy shades while welcoming back some trends that took a hiatus. Beyond the aesthetics, there’s a shift in decorating and organizing approaches—a set of new design perspectives, akin to "design resolutions."

What does a modern living room look like?

What defines a modern living room? It’s a skillful blend of warmth and sophistication. According to New York-based designer Augusta Hoffman, modernity achieves a harmonious fusion of timeless aesthetics and contemporary flair. In essence, a modern living room can encompass a spectrum, ranging from minimalistic to midcentury, from chic to understated, and from chrome accents to concrete elements.

What makes a great living room in Minneapolis?

What constitutes an exceptional living room in Minneapolis? Look no further than the work of Tays & Co Design Studios. Their Minneapolis living room design features a striking floor-to-ceiling plaster-covered fireplace surround, a true centerpiece. The fireplace mantel, crafted from light wood, harmoniously connects with the ceiling beams. Dark blue pleated curtains, elegantly framing the fireplace, perfectly complement the rich, tufted dark blue sofa. It’s a testament to great room grandeur.

What makes a good living room?

How can you enhance a living room? Start by introducing a touch of comfort with a plush area rug. Take, for example, the inviting ambiance in Raëd Abillama’s industrial-themed living room, where a wool and silk rug by Jan Kath imparts a cozy atmosphere. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most utilitarian aspects of a living room can also be the most visually captivating.

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